Pre-sales Service
We can send free samples to customers for testing.

In-Sales Service
We freely offer a set of wearing parts to customers. Technical training is also provided. The delivery cycle for textile calender machine and paper calender machine is 40 days and 210 days respectively. For the forged parts, 90 days are required.

After-Sales Service
The warranty period is one year but it might vary from product to product.

Special Service
We provide relevant trainings about calender machine for customers. The training is conducted either in our company or on the customer side by our installation engineers dispatched there. Relevant training fees will be discussed when signing the contract.

OEM service is also available.

Main Products
    1. Pressure and Heated Roller Calender
    2. Pressure and Heated Roller CalenderBy passing the cooling roller on its way out, along with proper shrinkage techniques, the fabric that goes through...
    1. Kuster CCR I Type Two Roll Calender for Fabric
    2. Kuster CCR I Type Two Roll Calender for FabricWith the pressure and temperature adjustable at will, the best finishing effect can be obtained. After ...
    1. Soft Calender
    2. Soft CalenderUsing a soft calendering machine for paper processing greatly improves the uniformity of sheet density and ensures less dots or imperfections...
    1. Hard Calender
    2. Hard CalenderAfter processed by this hard calendering machine, the paper sheet has its smoothness improved greatly and the coating weight is reduced as well.
    1. Super Calender
    2. Super CalenderThe paper sheet processed by our super calender acquires more uniform density, better smoothness, and higher gloss.