1988: Jiangyin Wool Cloth Factory is established.

1990: Is renamed as Jiangyin Fibre Roller Co., Ltd, it develops the cotton roll in printing and dyeing industry, stopping its importing from abroad.

1991: Releases their first high pressure calendering machine in China.

1996: Successfully develops the crown controllable roll technology.

1998: Is renamed as Jiangyin Guoguang Calender and Fibre Roller Co., Ltd.

2000: Is launched their soft calendering machine for papermaking industry.

2005: Jiangsu Guoguang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd is recognized. Some months later, Jiangsu Guoguang Group is established.

2007: 4000 ton hydraulic machine is released and starts operating.

2010: 7000 ton hydraulic machine is released and starts operating while large nuclear power forged parts are successfully developed.

2011: we planned the assebly project for 19000 ton hydraulic machine. Once completion, it will produce large nuclear forged parts, ship forged parts, metallurgy big parts and more.

2012: We start production of 19000 ton hydraulic machine which will be used in production in 2013.

Main Products
    1. Hard Calender
    2. Hard CalenderAfter processed by this hard calendering machine, the paper sheet has its smoothness improved greatly and the coating weight is reduced as well.
    1. Soft Calender
    2. Soft CalenderUsing a soft calendering machine for paper processing greatly improves the uniformity of sheet density and ensures less dots or imperfections...
    1. Kuster CCR L Type Three Roll Calender for Fabric
    2. Kuster CCR L Type Three Roll Calender for FabricThe maximum temperature of the heating roller is around 200℃. This helps to yield fabrics with high gloss...
    1. Kuster CCR I Type Two Roll Calender for Fabric
    2. Kuster CCR I Type Two Roll Calender for FabricWith the pressure and temperature adjustable at will, the best finishing effect can be obtained. After ...

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