Hard Calender

Hard Calender
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Guoguang Group has successfully developed crown controllable roll hard calender which is used for paper sheet finishing prior to coating. Using this paper processing machine can improve paper smoothness and reduce thickness difference.

With high surface hardness, the hard roller acts on the paper through high temperature and pressure, thereby uniformizing the thickness of the paper. Generally, the thickness can be controlled below 0.01mm per nip. After processed by this hard calendering machine, the paper sheet has its smoothness improved greatly and the coating weight is reduced as well.

Main parameters

Item Index
Paper Web 1880-10000 mm
Speed 50-1000 m/min
Linear pressure 50-300 KN/M
Temperature 180 ℃ Max.

The CCR hard calender is widely used for processing coated white board and other types of paper.
1. Coating base paper
2. Standard newsprint
3. Linerboard

Guoguang Group is a specialized hard calendering machine manufacturer based in China. In addition to paper calendering machine, we provide three roll fabric calendering machine, two roll fabric calendering machine, wind turbine rotor shaft, four roll double sided calendering machine and more.

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