Kuster Nipco I Type Two Roll Calender for Fabric

Kuster Nipco I Type Two Roll Calender for Fabric
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After processed by our Kuster Nipco I type two roll calender for fabric, the fabric has its density increased, gloss improved, flatness improved, and softness improved.

This I type two roll calender adopts an internal pressurization method and the commonly used threshold can be set. The pressure of roller can be regulated arbitrarily within the designed maximum pressure. The pressure oil also cools the nylon roller. The maximum temperature of the heating roller is generally around 150℃.

With the pressure and temperature adjustable at will, the best finishing effect can be obtained. After calendered, the fabric enjoys improved gloss and no color difference.

Main Parameters

Item Index
Roll Width 1600-6000 mm
Speed 5-100 m/mm
Pressure 10-150T
Working temperature 150 ℃ Max.

Guoguang Group is an experienced I type two roll fabric calendering machine manufacturer in China. We also offer three roll fabric calendering machine, soft calendering machine, hard calendering machine, wind turbine rotor shaft as well as pressure and heated roller calender.

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