Paper Calender Machine

    1. Soft CalenderUsing a soft calendering machine for paper processing greatly improves the uniformity of sheet density and ensures less dots or imperfections and better printing on paper.
    1. Hard Calender After processed by this hard calendering machine, the paper sheet has its smoothness improved greatly and the coating weight is reduced as well.
    1. Super CalenderThe paper sheet processed by our super calender acquires more uniform density, better smoothness, and higher gloss. For example, the smoothness of the coated paper calendered by our finishing equipment is 600s to 1000s.
    1. Soft Roller for CalenderThe soft roller for calender can be divided into wool paper roll and cotton pulp paper roll. These products are used in super calenders.

Based on the roll structure, paper calender machine can be divided into internal fixed crown roll type and multi-zone crown controllable roll type. It can also be divided into soft nip type and hard nip type as well as single nip type and double nip type. The multi-zone crown controllable roll (CCR) type paper calendering machine is developed to meet specific paper quality requirements, widely used in the papermaking industry.

We offer fixed crown or multi-zone crown controllable roll types of paper calendering machine with soft roll or hard roll. To compensate the deflection of hot heating rolls, the CCR type of soft nip or hard nip roll can be installed in the top or bottom position. The CCR type with soft nip roll may be equipped with a composite type of cover made by VOITH or METSO to improve the bulk, gloss, printability, and other properties of paper.

Upgrades of Paper Calender Machine
Conventional paper calendering machines are stilled used in some paper mills. These machines are not equipped with deflection compensating or heated rolls. In such cases, the calendering results are defined only by the roll weight and there is no possibility to address certain paper properties.

Modern paper calender machine adopts deflection compensating and heated rolls to change the paper properties by varying the nip load and heat input onto the paper. Replacing the conventional paper calendering machine with a modern one will improve smoothness and two-sidedness of paper. Successful upgrade has been done for one of our customers in Meerut, Delhi in 2010.

Guoguang Group is a professional paper calendering machine manufacturer in China. Our company offers soft calender, hard calender, super calender, two roll calender, three roll calender and wind power turbine shaft among others.

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