Large Parts Machining

    1. CNC Milling MachineMaximum working length: 24 m
      Maximum working diameter: 2.5 m
      Maximum working weight: 100 Ton ...
    1. CNC Roll GrinderMaximum working length: 12.5 m
      Maximum working diameter: 2.2 m
      Maximum working weight: 100 Ton ...
    1. CNC Boring MachineSpecifications
      Maximum working length: 10 m...
    1. Schenck Balancing MachineMaximum working diameter: 2.8 m
      Maximum working length: 15 m
      Maximum working weight: 60 ton ...
    1. CNC LatheMaximum working length: 10 m
      Maximum working diameter: 1.3 m
      Maximum working weight: 20 Ton

Our company is able to process a variety of large parts according to customer demands. We have the following machining equipment.

Other Products
    1. Five Roll Calender for Fabric The five roll calender for fabric is suitable for repeated or double-sided calendaring. It is equipped with a nylon soft roller. After processed by this machine...
    1. Four Roll Calender for FabricThe four roll calender for fabric can be used for flattening and calendering various types of cottons, chemical fibers, blended fabrics, and other fabrics.
    1. Kuster Nipco L Type Three Roll Calender for FabricThe maximum temperature of the heating roller is around 200℃. This helps to yield fabrics with high gloss, good hand feeling, and no color difference.
    1. Hard Calender After processed by this hard calendering machine, the paper sheet has its smoothness improved greatly and the coating weight is reduced as well.