Textile Calender Machine

    1. Pressure and Heated Roller CalenderBy passing the cooling roller on its way out, along with proper shrinkage techniques, the fabric that goes through double sided calendering feels thin and looks glossy.
    1. Friction CalenderOur friction calender can improve the flatness, softness, and glossiness of the fabric it processes.
    1. Two Roll Calender for Fabric This two roll calendaring machine is used to flat and calender cotton, chemical fiber, blend fabric, and other fabrics. Compared with the three roll fabric calendering machine; the missing of a roll can reduce the pressure on the nylon roller, thereby extending machine service life and increasing its working temperature.
    1. Three Roll Calender for FabricThe three roll calender for fabric is able to increases the density of the fabric, making it soft, glossy and flat after the calendering process. There are several choices for the soft roll, including nylon roll, cotton roll, wool paper roll and rubber roll.
    1. Five Roll Calender for Fabric The five roll calender for fabric is suitable for repeated or double-sided calendaring. It is equipped with a nylon soft roller. After processed by this machine, the fabric has its density increased, softness improved, gloss improved, and flatness improved.
    1. Four Roll Calender for FabricThe four roll calender for fabric can be used for flattening and calendering various types of cottons, chemical fibers, blended fabrics, and other fabrics.

Used to improve the finishing processing of fabrics, our textile calender machine is available in two types: conventional crown fixed roll calender and crown controlled roll calender. It is equipped with two or more rollers, which can be specified by the customers.

Guoguang Group is a specialized textile calender machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a wide range of products, including pressure and heated roller calender, three roll calender, friction calender, and other products related.

Other Products
    1. Soft CalenderUsing a soft calendering machine for paper processing greatly improves the uniformity of sheet density and ensures less dots or imperfections...
    1. Super CalenderThe paper sheet processed by our super calender acquires more uniform density, better smoothness, and higher gloss.
    1. Soft Roller for CalenderThe soft roller for calender can be divided into wool paper roll and cotton pulp paper roll. These products are used in super calenders.
    1. Wind Turbine Rotor ShaftIn 2009, our 1.5MW wind turbine rotor shaft obtained the Hi-tech Product Affirmation Certificate issued by Jiangsu Science and Technology Department.