Kuster Nipco L Type Three Roll Calender for Fabric

Kuster Nipco L Type Three Roll Calender for Fabric
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Our Kuster Nipco L type three roll calender for fabric can improve the following properties of the fabric processed by it.
1. Density
2. Gloss
3. Flatness
4. Softness

The three rollers are arranged in a L shape. The upper roller is a heating roller and the bottom roller is a nylon roller with controllable diameter. Internal pressurization method is adopted and the commonly used threshold can be set. The pressure of single or multi-path can be adjusted at will within the designed maximum pressure. The pressure oil plays a role in cooling the nylon roller. In addition, there is a cotton roller on the side.

The maximum temperature of the heating roller is around 200℃. This helps to yield fabrics with high gloss, good hand feeling, and no color difference.

Main Parameters of Kuster Nipco L Type Three Roll Calender

Item Index
Roll Width 1600-6000 mm
Speed 5-100 m/mm
Pressure 10-150T
Working Temperature 200 °C Max.

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