Forged Parts in Nuclear Energy Industry

Forged Parts in Nuclear Energy Industry
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AP1000 Nuclear Power Technology
AP1000 is an advanced passive-type pressurized water reactor nuclear power technology. The nuclear fuel made with uranium undergoes fission in the equipment and produces a lot of heat which is then brought out by water under high pressure. The water then turns into steam in the steam generator. The steam drives the turbine to rotate the generator, thus resulting in a steady flow of electricity.

AP1000 boasts simple design and easy operation. It also takes full advantage of many non-passive safety systems, which further improves the security of the nuclear power plant while significantly reducing the construction and long-term operating costs of nuclear power units.

We successfully forge out the bottom head of the AP1000 regulator. This forged part features large size, multi-curvature, and high precision. It is formed by using the integrally molded direct molding technology. We also offer water drain tank head and tube plate, duplex stainless steel forgings, as well as other forged parts in nuclear energy industry.

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