Roller for Calender

1. Cotton Roller

Cotton RollLength: 500 mm-5000 mm
Diameter: 300 mm-1600 mm

2. Wool Paper Roller

Wool Paper RollLength: 500-5000 mm
Diameter:300-900 mm

3. Nylon Roller

Nylon Roll

Length: 500-5000 mm
Diameter: 300-800 mm

4. Vacuum Wiping Roller

Vacuum Wiping Roll

Length: 500-5000 mm
Diameter: 200-800 mm

Jiangsu Guoguang Group is a specialized calender machine manufacturer in China. We offer three roll calender, two roll fabric calender, friction calender, and other products.

Related Names
Calender Roller | Soft Roller | Calender Accessory

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    1. Four Roll Calender for FabricThe four roll calender for fabric can be used for flattening and calendering various types of cottons, chemical fibers, blended fabrics, and other fabrics.
    1. Soft Roller for CalenderThe soft roller for calender can be divided into wool paper roll and cotton pulp paper roll. These products are used in super calenders.