Other Forged Parts

Other Forged Parts
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In addition to the wind turbine rotor shaft, forged propeller shaft, automotive forgings, and forged rolls in metallurgy industry, we also offer many other forged parts according to customer requirements.

Type Specification
Shafts Max. Diameter Max. Length Max. Weight
Ф 1500 mm (Flange Ф 1900 mm ) 17000 mm 70 Ton
Dish-Shaped Forgings and Tube Sheets Max. Diameter Min. Height Max. Weight
Ф4000 mm 250 mm 70 Ton
Rings Max. OD Max. Weight
Ф4500 mm 70 Ton
Cylinders Max. Length Max. Weight
5000 mm 60 Ton

Related Names
Ring Forgings | Cylindrical Forgings | Forged Tube Sheet

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Other Products
    1. Forged Parts in Nuclear Energy IndustryThis forged part features large size, multi-curvature, and high precision. It is formed by using the integrally molded direct molding technology.
    1. Three Roll Calender for FabricThe three roll calender for fabric is able to increases the density of the fabric, making it soft, glossy and flat after the calendering process.
    1. Hard Calender After processed by this hard calendering machine, the paper sheet has its smoothness improved greatly and the coating weight is reduced as well.
    1. Super CalenderThe paper sheet processed by our super calender acquires more uniform density, better smoothness, and higher gloss.