Four Roll Calender for Fabric

Four Roll Calender for Fabric
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The four roll calender for fabric can be used for flattening and calendering various types of cottons, chemical fibers, blended fabrics, and other fabrics. The calendering is conducted in two ways. The first way is to press one side of the fabric twice and the second way is to press two sides of the fabric at the same time.

Our four roll calender for fabric consists of two sets of two roll calendering machine. The first set can adopt the calendering machine with deflection rolls, so as to achieve adjustable pressure and use higher calendering temperature. For the second set, the calendering machine with rollers of fixed diameter can be used. Alternatively, two calendering machines with rollers of fixed diameter are adopted.

Schematic Drawings of Four Roll Calender for Fabric

As a professional four roll calendering machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we at Jiangsu Guoguang Group also offer three roll fabric calendering machine, soft calendering machine, hard calendering machine, multi-functional calendering machine and others.

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