Five Roll Calender for Fabric

Five Roll Calender for Fabric
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The MH580-200P five roll calender for fabric is suitable for repeated or double-sided calendaring. It is equipped with a nylon soft roller. After processed by this machine, the fabric has its density increased, softness improved, gloss improved, and flatness improved.

Main Technical Data of Five Roll Calender for Fabric

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1. Types Five-Roller Vertical Type
2. Machine Sort Left Hand or Right Hand
3. Rotating Speed 5 - 50 m /min
4. Nominal Machine Width 2000 mm
5. Fabric Width 1800 mm
6. Pressuring Mode Cylinder Jack Up
7. Max. Pressure between Rolls 80000kgf ( 80T )
8. Oil Pressure ≤13 MPa
9. Upper Steel Roller Diameter Φ380 mm Heating Roll
10. Nylon Roller Diameter (2nd) Φ560 mm
11. Steel Roller Diameter Φ300 mm Heating Roll
12. Nylon Roller Diameter Φ560 mm
13. Steel Roll Diameter Φ380 mm Cooling Roll
14. Calender Roller Heating Mode Electric Heating
15. Heating Power 45×2=90 KW
16. Max. Calender Roller Surface Temperature ≤100 ℃
17. Calender Roller Cooling Mode Jet Air Cooling and Nylon Roller Internal Water Cooling
18. Drive Mode Variable Frequency Speed Regulation /30 KW
19. Overall Power 106 KW
20. Machine Weight 25 Tons
21. Outline Dimensions Length 6500 × Width 5300 × Height 4200mm
22. Fabric Exit Way Rolling out with batching device or swing out with plaiter

Jiangsu Guoguang Group is a specialized five roll calender manufacturer in China. Some of our primary products include two roll fabric calendering machine, three roll fabric calendering machine, super soft calendering machine, soft calendering machine and wind turbine rotor shaft.

Related Names
Five Roll Calendering Equipment | Fabric Processing Equipment | Textile Finishing Machine

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