Friction Calender

Friction Calender
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Our friction calender can improve the flatness, softness, and glossiness of the fabric it processes.

The friction calender consists of two hard rollers and a soft roller in between. The upper hard roller is highly polished and it forms friction points with the soft roller. The bottom hard roller forms hard rolling points with the middle soft roller. The fabric first passes the hard rolling points and then the friction points.

Both the friction roller and the soft roller are drive rollers, but the former has greater surface speed than the latter, which makes the fabric surface subject to friction and produce significant gloss as well as reduces the gap between the warp and weft.

The ratio of friction roller surface speed and fabric speed is up to 1.2:1. The friction coefficient can be adjusted at any time and the temperature of friction roller is generally 100℃ to 160℃.

Main Parameters

Item Index
Roller Width 1600-6000MM
Speed 5-100M/MIN
Pressure 5-20T
Working temperature 160 ℃ MAX.

As a specialized friction calendering machine manufacturer and supplier in China, Guoguang Group provides a broad range of products that includes three roll fabric calendering machine, two roll fabric calendering machine, and many other products.

Related Names
Friction Calendering Machine | Calendering Equipment | Fabric Finishing Machine

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