Two Roll Calender for Fabric

Two Roll Calender for Fabric
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Our two roll calender for fabric has the following functions.
1. Increase the density of the fabric;
2. Improve the softness of the fabric;
3. Improve the gloss of the fabric;
4. Improve the flatness of the fabric.

This two roll calendaring machine is used to flat and calender cotton, chemical fiber, blend fabric, and other fabrics. Compared with the three roll fabric calendering machine; the missing of a roll can reduce the pressure on the nylon roller, thereby extending machine service life and increasing its working temperature.

Just like the three roll fabric calendering machine, the pressure range of our two roll calender is relatively small. Different finishing effects can be achieved when adopting different soft rollers such as nylon roller, wool paper roller, cotton roller or rubber and plastic roller.

Main Parameters

Item Index
Roll Width 1600-6000 MM
Speed 5-100 M/MIN
Pressure 10-150 T
Working Temperature 150 ℃ Max.

Guoguang Group is a professional two roll fabric calendering machine manufacturer in China. Other products we offer include three roll fabric calendering machine, hard calendering machine, soft calendering machine, five roll fabric calendering machine, and more.

Related Names
Textile Calender | Two Roll Calendering Equipment | Fabric Processing Machine

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